A Vegan Mess is on YouTube!

Oh heeeeey cuties! In case you didn’t get it from the title, and from my facebook, and instagram, and twitter, aaaaaand me yelling on my rooftop… I started a Vlog! Whaaaaaaaat. Helped (a loooot) by my darling cameraman, Conor, my first video has been shot, edited, and released! Woohoo!

On the channel, I’ll be talking about much of the same things I write about in this blog, so if you love aveganmess.com I hope you’ll also love camera-Rach.

Next up for the A Vegan Mess Youtube… a UK Election discussion ft. my cute, very political, boyfriend. This second video will be out on the 5th June, so if you have any questions for the Q+A , let me know and you’ll probably be featured!

I’m super excited to begin my vlogging journey, I’m still very nervous and very clueless, so all the support and feedback is welcome.

Lots of love,

Rachel x


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