2 Days to decide: Austerity or Prosperity?

Hi hi hi! As promised… Vlog number 2 is out for you to watch, aaand comment, aaand like. Okay okay, I did promise this would be out on Monday, but after a busy weekend, and then shooting and editing this all in one evening, we decided to give ourselves a break and upload this today instead.

I brought Conor (Boyfriend/ Cameraman/ Cutie) on for this installment as I love talking politics with him – you’ll find us talking about Brexit, what we look for in a leader, and who we’ll be voting for (spoiler alert: it’s Labour). If you want a more in-depth look at why voting Labour is our best option, please check out my recent article about the issues with U.K. democracy and why I, as a Green, am voting Labour this year.

U.K. folks: please vote! And please vote compassionately.

Lots of love,

Rachel and Conor x


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