Viral stories, beautiful kindness, & infuriating police.

A certain story I wrote on my work’s facebook page went viral, a story of the absolute kindness of a woman who challenged a burglar who stole from my work. What I didn’t write about, however, was the police and their part in this.

So the morning I got into the shop and realised we’d been burgled, I called my manager, had staff get on with our delivery, and also called the police.

The police were weird and infuriating from the start, slightly offish with me and demanding I give all of my personal details, my number, my home address, and my ethnicity, which is not protocol when I was calling in a work capacity. I brushed it off, however, and continued reporting the crime. I was told that we probably wouldn’t get a visit until the next day, as there wasn’t much they could do. This was quite understandable as we weren’t sure what signs there were of who it could have been.

The police actually did come in the same day, friendly enough, and reiterated that they probably couldn’t do much but they’d check it out anyway.

Fast forward to a day later when a wonderful, homeless woman, who we know, comes into work, and tells us that she stopped the would-be thief and got everything back off of them! In the time she popped into her safe-spot where she kept our stolen things, we ran around the supermarkets and our shop, putting together a hamper for her, and started putting together an action  plan on what else we could do to say thank you.

So now we hear the story of what happened at 3am, that evening. That this woman actually REPORTED this burglary to the police, WHO IGNORED HER, I assume because she’s homeless. She bravely stopped the burglar herself, and returned everything back to us.

I called the police to update them on the situation, and also to ask them whether they’d connected our own report to the report at 3am that evening. They said they hadn’t. That there was no report. Lying? Or just bad at connecting dots?

Oh, but it gets better…

Yesterday, after our story went viral the police came into our shop. Not friendly. Not happy that our story had gone viral and asked us whether we’d even reported the crime. Well… yes. We did report the crime, in detail, and updated it, in detail. Which surely they should have known?

And today, even worse. The police are now acknowledging to the media that they got called out to a burglary in the early hours, but only to the media. And our wonderful homeless shero is being harassed by the police who are apparently angry that she stopped the burglary, and not them.

Sorry police, but you have consistently lost the trust of the ordinary people of this community. And communities all around the world because of much more horrendous reasons. So why should we trust you?

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