Procrastination level: NO! NaNoWriNO!

Okay so I missed day one… and day two. I’ll just write 3,000 words today. Does that surprise anybody though? Given my track record of laziness (especially in writing) it’s no surprise that the first proper writing challenge I give myself I end up trailing by two days, and it’s already 10pm on day three and I have written… uuuhhhh…. 0 words.


NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is the writing month of November, where hopeful writers bang out a draft of a novel they may have been sitting and thinking about for far too long now. I’ve always known that I’ve wanted to write, but I’ve come to realize that my personality seems to have always lacked that drive in ‘bettering myself’ and following things through.

Classic me behaviour:

Professional life: Throws self headfirst into every job I’ve had, totally driven and passionate to achieve, be outstanding and be the best I can to progress and create a successful environment for everybody.
Personal life: Goes to the gym once, decides I will take a rest day and then never. ever. goes back. Also wants to write for a living and publishes something about once a year.

Sound familiar? No? Just me? Fuck alright. Well anyway, I’m currently unemployed which instills both panic and chill in varying amounts, which gives me quite a lot of free time to job hunt and also… stop procrastinating and actually do something.

So far…

I’ve started jogging -or yogging, I think it may be a soft j- every day (no, really. Really, me, running! I fucking KNOW! WHO AM I!?). I’m allowed two days off a week max and I’m totally nailing it already. For somebody who was always like ‘no thanks, running is death’ for my whole 24 years I’m pretty excited that I’m already running double the distance I could when I started a couple of weeks ago and I’m… I’m actually really enjoying it?!

Same with yoga. Instead of yoga-ing once a week/ fortnight/even longer I’m practicing every single day (twice today!) and I’m already feeling better. Adriene is a babe.

Guitar… alright this one is coming on a lot slower and all I’ve managed to learn is how to change strings, tune the guitar, and two chords (which I can’t even change between yet my poor lil fingers are so confused). But I’m trying and maybe in a couple of years I can sit by a fire and play Wonderwall to everybody’s joy.

And writing… well. You know how that’s going already. Let’s see if I can actually keep up some weekly blogposts and write 30,000 words of my fantasy novel (I do actually have a pretty solid storyline that I’ve been working on for some time).

By the end of November, hopefully I’ll have a new job, a new place to live, and I’ll be able to say I’m still running and yoga-ing, writing and (perhaps) be able to play three chords on the guitar.

For other procrastinators out there… whether it’s writing or exercise or anything, if I can get my lazy ass doing this stuff then you definitely can. I’m on the lazy end of the lazy scale, seriously.

Good luck (to me and to you, I definitely need it)!

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  1. I know these feelings far too much!! I’m so happy you’re back blogging, I miss reading your stuff. I don’t get to see you everyday so I get to see what you’re up to via your blog.

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