19 Perfect Gifts for Vegans this Christmas

For the fashion conscious


  1. Soy to the World

This jumper has won. And it’s pretty cheap for a cozy Christmas knit (but let’s get real I’d wear this all year round).

Uger, £16.99

Plants are Friends Shirt Tee T-shirt High Quality SCREEN PRINT Super Soft unisex Worldwide ship Vegan shirt Trees gardener tshirt





2. Plants are friends
For when people tell vegans that they’re murdering plants. A gentle reminder that they’re not, because this tee says plants are friends. And friends don’t murder friends.

TmePrinting, £10.99

3.  Foxy Shoes 

If you’re being generous and feel like splashing out – these frickin’ adorable fox shoes are a must for a hunt-sab enthusiast. Beyond Skin is an entirely vegan shoe line with some awesome designs and varying prices.

Beyond Skin, £130

Avocado felt brooch, Vegan, Fruit brooch, fun brooch, adorable fruit, avocado brooch



4. Avocado Brooch

Vegans. Avocados. Enough said. Vegans are apparently all a bit weird for avocado.
InrainbowsBecco, £8.50

Unisex Vegan AF T-Shirt





5. Vegan AF

If your vegan sometimes forgets they’re vegan, don’t worry, people will remind them when they’re wearing this.

Kiss the Kale, £12.00

For the nesting homeowners

6. Soy candles

Not all candles are vegan-friendly! Something to watch out for when wanting to pamper your veggie present receiver – what better than these beautifully patterned soy candles from the ethical Natural Collection.

Natural Collection, £12.75

Calcifer Studio Ghibli Wooden Chopping Board - Cutting Board - Howls Moving Castle - Fire Spirit - Kitchen - Flame - Anime - Cosplay - Japan




7. Calcifer Chopping Board

How cute would it be to cut veggies and tofu on a Studio Gibli-inspired Calcifer chopping board ^.^

Zenibas Attic, £15.00




8. Cuppasaurus Herbivore Tea Infuser

Because herbivores like their tea loose, cute and infused with vegan-friendly style.

Magpie, £10.00




9. Huglett’s Wood Tea Towels

These are perfect for those with a soft spot for hens and cows, as some of the proceeds go to Hugletts Wood Animal Sanctuary in East Sussex.

Magpie, £15.00

Fox cushion,fox cushion cover,red fox cushion,animal print cushion,fox pillow / throw pillow case for sofa/home/bedroom - 18'' (45cm) Vulpes



10. ‘Vulpes’ Fox Cushion

Foxes again! Robert Farkas’ masterpiece would be appreciated within a vegan home

CreateandCase, £22.49


For the beauty –lovers

11. Shoot For the Stars

Sinking into this vivid blue and glittery bath is an ethical winter hug. The whole Christmas bath collection is Vegan this year! Hurrah!

LUSH, £4.25




Medusa's Makeup Glitter- Gold Digger



12. Striking Glitter Looks

For the veggie who love to express themselves as much as they love the earth, cruelty-free makeup is a must. Cruelty-free doesn’t always mean Vegan, so check out the 100% Vegan Makeup Without Malice site.

Medusa’s, £4.50

4 Piece Contour Face Set



13. Mermaid Brushes

Whimsically cute and labelled ‘instagramable’, these vivid brush sets are a must have for a makeup keen and social media savvy veggie.

Spectrum, £29.99


For the foodies

Vegan White Chocolate - Matcha Green Tea

14. Ethicoco chocolate

I once had the pina colada white chocolate flavour, they also have chai, strawberry, and this matcha green tea white chocolate. Hippy veggies will love that quirkiness.

Ethicoco, £3.99




15. Vegan Treat Box

The yummiest selection of random Vegan chocolate treats. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with dark chocolate. I’m just saying that some vegans have a sweet tooth that 90% can’t satisfy. No word of a lie- they do vegan crème eggs.

Vegantown, £20.00

Animal Aid Mixed Organic Wine Case



16. A f tonne of Ethical Booze

Donate to AnimalAid and get your vegan drunk as hell with some cruelty-free, Vegan* wine. Not all alcohol on the highstreet is vegan so be careful when you’re partying!

Animal Aid, £79.00

Healthy Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups



17. Peanut Butter Cups

“Where do you get your pro-” “Shut up, I’ve got my PB Cups.” – what your vegan friend will be saying when they’re scoffing these after a workout.

SY1Protein, £7.50

A couple of other things that don’t really fit into a category

Vegan Sidekick Volume 4 Adult Edition18. Vegan Sidekick

Vegan sidekick is both brutally honest and f-in hilarious. His comics, first appearing online, are now in print and veggies can’t get enough of the no-bullshit attitude that turns the phrase ‘vegans can’t take a joke’ on its head.

Vegan Sidekick, £9.50



19. Vegan Afternoon Tea

Tea, sandwiches, scones, cakes aaaand cocktails for 2 at La Suite West in London. A gift for yourself, too!

Red Letter Days, £45.00


Inspiration for this post struck as a friend posted the CUTEST jumper (Soy to the World) on my facebook page and I thought back to that hated question “what do you want for Christmas” in which I keep answering “I don’t know” or “a job please” or “a sense of purpose”. In reality though. I do want stuff, I want cute vegan stuff and avocado fun, and LOTS OF CHOCOLATE THAT ISN’T JUST DARK CHOCOLATE.

I hope this helps with your shopping. Everything on this list is sourced from UK sellers, so should get to you in time for the festive period.
And just to spoil you some more – a list of sites to explore for Vegan gifts:

Etsy – just type in ‘vegan’ and you’ll find hundreds of things of handmade snacks, jewellery, crafts, homeware from independent sellers.

Vegantown – chocolate, sweets, chocolate, chocolate. 100% Vegan.

Magpie – arty vegan-friendly homeware and nic-knacs.  

Animal Aid – fashion, food and drink, accessories ( and give to charity as well as giving a gift!) 100% Vegan.

Veopolis – a brand new earth-friendly marketplace (launching Dec 1st) with a little bit of everything. 100% Vegan.

Makeup Without Malice100% Vegan cosmetics.

Beauty Without Cruelty100% Vegan cosmetics.

Natural Collection – homeware, fashion, gifts, everything (not everything is Vegan, but you can search by the Vegan tag).

Ethical Superstore a little bit of everything (and again, search by the vegan tag as not everything is vegan-friendly)

Hotel Chocolat – Search vegan to find some dark chocolate yumminess

Beyond Skin100%  vegan and veggie shoes, some hard-wearing-kick-a-hunter-in-the-face and some dainty and adorable. There’s some accessories too!

Does anybody have any more vegan shopping place suggestions? ^.^

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