A love letter to my friends

FYI, it’s a little soppy. And it’s hard to remove red lipstick off of your face. 

To you,

Apparently, gratitude is one of the strongest bonding emotions. Which means, I think I’m feeling pretty well vegan-glued to you. You might not remember the times you squeezed me in hugs that lasted longer than usual, but I do. I do, because it was hugs and suffocating squeezes like those, that let me go home feeling ready to face another day. You might not remember buying me chocolates, flowers, little treats. But I do. Quite often, actually. I remember the overwhelming feeling of love and safety I felt from such a beautiful gesture. It’s something I hold onto, transport myself back to, when things get too much.

Fake birthdays, spontaneous evenings, little presents and looks that said “are you okay?”. I remember.

Good advice that I didn’t take, jokes that stole my breath, giddy drinks and Shania Twain. I’m laughing right now, writing this.

Quiet appreciations.Facebook likes. Instagram follows. Messages that appear out of nowhere. Silent acknowledgements of each other’s lives.

To you.

Thank you.



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