A good day

Those days where you wonder how you can ever be so sad, with all of this beauty. Able to recognise the wonder, but utterly unable to comprehend, to appreciate, to find joy in it. Breathing fully, and deeply, and calming is both at your feet and out of reach. Opportunities dance, surrounding, darting around and through and over and beneath.

The people that surround your life fade into greys and blurs and shadows. Your mind finds links to sadness everywhere. Reminders of heartbreak and bad decisions and mistakes and every single thing you hate yourself for.

Spending so much time abusing yourself, that you forget, you lose, who you are. All of this cloaks you, driving each word, each action.


And then, you have one of those days where, peace is


It’s small and quiet and unobtrusive but it’s powerful. Taking up the spaces that are usually raging, and the cracks that are empty and crumbling. It’s not even silence, more a peach wash of warmth. Faintly glowing in the background of a good day.

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