YouTube is BACK!

Less with a bang. 

More with a soft, rediscovery of a platform I’m wanting to explore in a different way than before.

Before it felt like “let’s build a brand! Let’s upload happy-my-face videos” blah blah.

And then, before I knew it, I didn’t enjoy making videos. I stopped making them, deleted the channel. Mulled it (and this blog) over for a while whilst I built up my own business.

I felt as though the A Vegan Adventurer Blog and YouTube was kind of a strange part of my life that didn’t fit into my freelance working life cohesively. And I have spent the better half of 2018 wondering what on earth to do.

So I:

  • just kind of stopped wondering, worrying.
  • have started creating.
  • am enjoying the process of shooting and editing
  • am writing, sharing freely

-about adventure, climbing, the outdoors, injury, recovery, mental health, freelance life. Whatever.

I might do some facey-talky-hello type stuff. I might not.

Come join me on my journey.

I’d love to connect with some other blogger/ vlogger/ YouTubers to support each other, to give advice, to share tips – anything. Hit me up if this sounds up your street 🙂



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