Temple Coffee Leeds: Review

As we were stood in the queue it started with us being like “okay, we’ll get one each”, and then progressed to, “let’s get one each and then share one”, and then to “okay let’s just have two each”. We ended up with a box of six.

“Do you want to be eating a slave, or could you try an aubergine?” – Simon Amstell’s ‘Carnage’

Living in a society where satirical art, like Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror, is a key way to get people engaged with problematic societal issues, this movie could be a modern stroke of vegan genius. Its self-awareness -: “who want to watch a whole movie about veganism?” mocks its own existence whilst also pointing out the need for an alternative vegan message that can live alongside documentaries like Earthlings and Forks over Knives.

Mad Max, ethical consumption, & burying our heads in the sand

I did love the movie, it’s left many coming out of the theatre feeling powerful, bubbling with joyful exclamations of all the things we felt the film represented and attacked, overtly and subtly. There have been many praising the movie’s glaring take on where our values are taking us as a society, and of the […]

5 slightly different reasons why Marvel’s Daredevil is the most relatable series out right now

We may have read the articles –which I have deeply enjoyed – about the humanization of the characters, the terrifying resilience and audience-softening vulnerabilities of our heroes and villains alike, of the gritty fight scenes, dark DC-like cinematography, and the steady and gripping flow of the one, main compelling story from one episode to another. […]