Temple Coffee Leeds: Review

Temple Coffee Leeds: how do I find this place?


Okay first things first. Temple Coffee is fun to find. It’s a little out of the way on Kirkstall Road (ish). But the good news is that because it’s so out of the way they don’t sell out of vegan donuts as fast.

Directions – use Google maps. LS4 2AR. Trust Google maps. Turn when it tells you to turn into Burley Place even though you think it’s making you turn into a wierd carpark with only tiling warehouses and other wierd stuff. If you’re coming from the North (Headingley ish) you’re gonna end up getting to that giant crossroads by the Shell garage on Kirkstall Road and doing a little loop around it, finally turning left just before you hit Kirkstall Road again.

Is Temple Coffee a vegan heaven?


Yes! It is. Kind of! They do serve non-vegan things (wah!), and the day I went I would have loved to have just another vegan donut to choose from as there was only 2 variations. But the vegan donuts they did have were awesome and, on the day we turned up, they were doing flash Halloween tattoos with a cute sign up list.

It is all very chill and full of interesting-looking people taking instagrams of their coffee.

And that’s because their coffee is pretty damn good


I saw this coffee on their instagram and immediately decided I had to have it. Potentially for instagram purposes. This is the ‘Sabbath’ and its basically just your regular latte with oat milk and charcoal. It tasted pretty good. There’s also teas, golden milk and other drinks for non-coffee lovers.

And the donuts are alright, too!


So, as we were stood in the queue it started with us being like “okay, we’ll get one each”, and then progressed to, “let’s get one each and then share one”, and then to “okay let’s just have two each“. We ended up with a box of six.

Eating fresh vegan donuts with fillings and yummy toppings made my heart very, very happy. The people working there were friendly, giving off a relaxed vibe, and it was just busy enough to feel cozy but not overwhelming. 10/10 would recommend.

And, especially if you’re vegan, I would definitely recommend getting there before midday just to make sure they won’t be out of vegan donuts, as they tend to sell out pretty quickly. Follow them on instagram as they always post on there when they run out.


Unit 3 Burley Court,
Burley Place,
Tuesday – Saturday 8am – 4pm

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