Things that are Good vs. Things that are Not Good

Why share? Why? Why type your life out and click a button, waiting for people to read? I don’t know. But I know that when I do write, the fog lifts a little.

Things that are Good

Things are Good.

My ankle: is healing. It’s doing good. I think. I mean, we’re none-the-wiser about whether I’ll be saying goodbye to my bone. Something I remember when I’m feeling dramatic. But that’s a concern for future disintegrated-bone-Rachel. So, aside from that uncertainty, it’s doing okay.

Work. I’m working from home. That’s good. I enjoy having windows. That’s all I’ll say on that, and you can take it as you will.

I feel content in my relationship. What? You say. Shh, I’m answering. Except, I may finally be feeling something safe, and strong, and exciting, but quietly warm. I don’t feel like I need it to survive. But I feel that cozy, fuzzy happiness reserved for when you cuddle into clean sheets or when you take a first bite of a really good banoffee pie. A good, healthy kind of happiness.


Things that are Not Good

I lied a little bit.

Every day is a day I don’t feel enough.

For anything.

I drink more wine than I care to admit.



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