Adventure Ahead! 

You may have noticed… A Vegan Mess is dead. 

Okay, not dead. Bit dramatic. But, I’m ready for a change. 


A long while back this blog was called A Vegan Adventurer. Then when I ran away to live in Thailand it was A Vegan Abroad, then after my disastrous return to the UK I adopted A Vegan Mess (very, very apt for the time), and now… it feels like A Vegan Adventurer is the right fit for me after all. It’s just taken a little growing into.

“How’s your ankle doing?”

Yes, we are four months on from ‘the fall’ and I’m still wearing my boot.

Super bionic photographer lady

Yes, we still don’t know how my ankle is gonna heal/ if it’s gonna heal properly/ if the bone will DIE (so dramatic).

But, also, YES, I’m back climbing again; I’m getting fitter and recovering step by step (literally) and it’s honestly the most exciting thing in the world!

And yes, I’m a crappy blogger most of the time because I’m a super busy bee – currently working full time with a few projects on the side – but I promise to try and update this more often 🙂

Watch this space for future climbing/ mountaineering/ hiking adventures (with all vegan kit of course)!


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