New Flat New Me

After more than FIVE months of being essentially homeless, I have moved into my new place. With its bathroom-per-person, adorable kitchen space, patio doors-leading-out-into-the-garden charm. With my best friend. It’s safe to say I am so very joyful and so very excited to settle here in Leeds.

The problem with treating change as a transient life ‘phase’

At this moment in time, my possessions are scattered, in storage, in bags, different postcodes. I’m feeling that wave of weirdness that accompanies unemployment, and I’m gearing up to start again, again. I have caught myself in continually expressing the same sentiment over and over again, –“wow I’m going through a really big change right […]

I cried for an hour and a half, and then they gave me a Wizard’s robe.

Goodbye Lush. Goodbye 2016. I’ve finally, after some more rejection and reflection, decided that I’m ready to say goodbye to Lush, to retail, and also say goodbye and fuuuuuck you to 2016 and everything (almost everything) it’s traumatized me with. But enough about that, this is about the Planets Spa Treatment I had at the […]