A new thing

Last year was, generally, the year for new things. Good and bad.

Excitement, stress, new, new, new.

This year has, generally, been trying to work on those new things. I’ve been:

  • getting to grips with a ‘new’ ankle – continuing with physiotherapy, finding interesting ways to navigate the stairs on bad days, seeing how far I can push it on walks and climbing.
  • playing around with video – really excited for this new passion I’ve found quite late on in life.

But I’m not saying that I’ve not been doing anything new.

After breaking my ankle I found a lot of solace in sport climbing. Unable to fall from the bouldering wall, I began climbing with a rope, without (as much) fear. And I’m now completely in love with this climbing discipline – more so than bouldering, or traditional climbing.

I feel like sport climbing is just me.

But this whole time we’d never climbed outside. We’ve been doing trad climbing and bouldering outside in the sunshine every week this summer but… sport was kind of abandoned. Partly because we have so many trad and bouldering spots nearby, and partly because Michael doesn’t really love sport climbing so much.

June: Birthday weekend.

We finally made it outside in the scorching heat and I felt at home. At home on the end of a rope and in the hot sun.




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