Music & Depression: 10 albums for when you’re feeling a dip.

Because sometimes you read posts and they’re like “GET UP! GO FOR A RUN! DO YOGA! WRITE A 5,000,000 WORD NOVEL! SURROUND YOURSELF WITH ALL YOUR POSI FRIENDS!” and they are just not. helpful. right. now. I’ll run after your peppy annoying ass with a machete and you’ll be more flexible for yoga because you’ll […]

Switching off, switching on: what is self-care ~ to me, to you?

What is self-care? The term self-care has been synonymous with recovery – from addiction and illness, to breakdowns – and is about the steps and experiences to get you on the path to being as well as you can be. It’s about pouring acts of love into chasms of hurt, or numbness, or anxiety. Chronic […]