A busy little bird.

I’m moving in with my best friend!



IN THREE WEEKS! We’re getting a kitty! I am beyond excited to move into the dreamiest little apartment which opens out into a very green lawn and is right by a walk out into the countryside. We have a bathroom EACH! We have an amazing kitchen! I’m going to be living with my best friend! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I’m dating myself

So. I’m dating myself, and new people, and happiness, and exercise (and a really wonderful guy). What I mean by this is that I’m not just concentrating on the romantic relationships in my life, which is kind of a revelation for me. Sure, I’ve always had adventures and days out, and fun, exciting times with my beautiful friends. But I’ve always, somehow, put romantic time above everything else. And why? Well, I’m not going to get into it now (perhaps in a future blog post), but I’m now dating myself and it’s pretty damn great. Learning to like yourself is a process, but I feel I’m really getting there.

That teaching life

Yes! I’m teaching again! And I’m already absolutely loving it. As well as getting myself a little extra income I’m also getting to meet some amazing people! My newest student is a veggie with a vegan girlfriend, and is totally down for being set some political and environmental writing projects. It’s frickin’ sweeeeeeet.

That office gal life

So I’m an office gal now. It’s heaven. Being at a desk is definitely my thing. And don’t get me wrong, I honestly do miss LUSH so much -especially with the LUSH Summit happening recently – but I feel that I am best utilised with a thousand different tasks, organising, typing, being creative. I’m being put in charge of some pretty big social media stuff! It’s rad! I can’t wait until I’m working from home in the future (two year goal holllaaa!)

Creative happiness

Here is a poem I wrote about pizza. And, okay I’m still not where I want it to be n my writing. But, I’m writing so much more than I used to. I even go to a writing club which is the cutest. I’m spamming my friends’ instagram feeds (sorry everybody) and I’m retweeting all the things. This is honestly what I’m living for. I love to write. I love to share. I love to create. Why didn’t I start earlier?


Things get better

Not to be too serious or anything. But, it blows my mind that for a little while. I had moments where I seriously contemplated killing myself, again. Like, many of hours research and equipment going into baskets, serious. I know, I know. Bad at communicating. Always writes about it retrospectively instead of talking to people about it at the time. Blah Blah. I am the worst. And I should have talked to somebody about it but I guess I was embarrassed at my situation and at my inability to deal with it.

Basically. Don’t follow my example. Talk to somebody. Talk to me if you want to. Even if I don’t know you. I get it.


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