New Flat New Me

I joooooooke. Though, it does feel like such an exciting change, I feel that my life has been on a wonderful track for a couple of months now. Partially due to luck, to the people around me, and also the fact I’ve been working so damn hard to be somebody I’d be proud of.

On Thursday night I packed up the car, – letting my sister finally have her office back – said goodbye to the sofa bed, and spent the night cuddled up with Conor. Friday was a half day at work before picking up the keys. I unpacked a little, and then went for a run around my brand new, very green, adorable neighbourhood. And then, finally – FINALLY!- Saturday was MOVE IN DAY! ^.^

Homeless, no more.

After more than FIVE months of being essentially homeless, I have moved into my new place. With its bathroom-per-person, adorable kitchen space, patio doors-leading-out-into-the-garden charm. With my best friend. It’s safe to say I am so very joyful and so very excited to settle here in Leeds.

This is the view from my bedroom window. There are trees and birds. And kitties. And SQUIRRELS!

And okay, when I say homeless of course I mean that in the most privileged of ways. I have been blessed with friends and family who haven’t hesitated to give me somewhere to stay whilst I got back on my feet. I have been given beds in uni house-shares, random beds here and there, a sofa bed in an office. I even stayed in a hotel room for a month (thanks, new job). So, I do understand how lucky I’ve been.

But there is something about living out of bags, not having access to all of your belongings, having no idea where you’ll be next, that’s absolutely terrifying, tiring, and anxiety-inducing. I’ve missed my spiralizer. (Joking, but really). I have just missed that feeling of ‘home’, having my things around me, being able to pick up my books, being able to call a bed my own.


Home home home. I’m really feeling grounded in Leeds, still planning adventures, but being solid in my happiness here.

Well, it took me a little longer than I thought. But:

  • Get a job – hell yeah, done. And I’m quite enjoying it.
  • Move into my own place – YAAASSSS.
  • Make friends – BAM. Nailed it.
  • Get fit – I’m now absolutely obsessed with climbing ^.^
  • Teach again – I now have two regular students who are wonderful.
  • And, somehow, Conor decided he wasn’t terrified by my very baggage-y past and decided he wanted to be my boyfriend.

I guess the only thing left to do is nail this ‘living life freelance’ thing. Any suggestions on how I manage that?!

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