Sai Mai Waiting; 1 and 2


I’ve been battling with a lot of things recently. One of them is an expectation of what should be here, on this blog. My own blog.

What I think people want to read has slowly been overtaking what I’m writing, and what I want to write. So, maybe what people will want to read will come later, won’t come at all. But here’s what I want to write, this is what has come amidst the pressure and the tumult of life changes recently…

So here’s the first installment of my Sai Mai Waiting poetry series:

Give me sleepy, slow moments
and half-murmured conversations
about nothing important,
but everything worth saying
to us.

I long for that constant image
around, and around
in my mind, almost like
a memory that won’t let go.

The image of a rocking car journey
in the darkness.
streetlights passing by.
And a feeling of wholeness.
A gentle brush of fingers on skin.
The sound of breathing,
gently uneven.
Sighing in unison
–  – – –
at a non-memory, a longing,
becoming a reality, a real moment,
and passing into memory.

[Sai Mai Waiting: a poetry series – a medley of new beginnings, adoration, anxiety, self-worth, visions and memories.]


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