Fuck resolutions, here’s my 2017 Bucket list.

I find that NYE resolutions often stem from the negative: “I drink too much and I feel awful so I’m doing dry January” or “I hate the way my body looks so I’m going to work out”. And, though there’s nothing wrong with this mindset if it works for some people, it just isn’t the way I motivate myself. So I’ve bypassed the trial month of January altogether (I did Veganuary, does that count?) and am starting February with some quite boring, but exciting objectives. Such as, to:

Own being a homebird.


I am a homebird. I have always been a homebird. Despite the living abroad, the travels, the constant moves, I have always craved a home and the same comfy bed to come back to, to curl up in. Of course, I miss my adventures, and I will always, always crave new experiences, still. But, I have always wanted consistency, and this time I’m going to make it work in a peaceful, positive way, without losing the excitement (drama?) that accompanies my life.


Put up shelves.

Sounds a bit weird, I know. But I bought some special hanging shelves for my old apartment, and never even unwrapped them. Now I’m moving into a new place, I want to put them up and decorate mine and Gigi’s space ’til my heart’s content.


Truly enjoy my work.

I’m almost 25 now it’s time to stop dicking around in jobs that aren’t helping me achieve what I want to do. If it’s getting in the way of me writing my life away, ditch it. Find something better. Be better.


Not give a fuck what people think about my writing.


Just to write what I want and stop being so scared of what people think. Are you hating this blog post right now? Too bad. I don’t care (ok I do a little). But, I’m enjoying writing it and I can’t let my terror of ‘blog popularity’ stop me anymore.


Create a little book of poetry.

Watch this space. Poetry has always been my natural passion, even over blogging, telling stories, creating ‘listicles’. I just love writing poetry. Poetry poetry poetry.


Read 52 books.


And review them. This way I have an excuse to be both productive and lazy. Yeah, sure, I’m sitting on my ass, but I’m also reading and that’s on my 2017 bucket list, soooooo deal.


Run 20k and not die.

I am comfortably on 6-7k now. So… I mean… I have a way to go. But I do have 11 months. So. I feel positive. I think. (I’m scared).


Be the kind of activist I’ve always admired.


Be at more protests. Stay aware. Sign petitions. Volunteer more. Write politically. I know I can do more.


Nurture my connections.

I am the worst for not messaging first. I rarely double message. I sometimes go off the radar for a while. So, this year, I’m going to make a real effort to reach out more, to combat my lifelong fear of rejection, and nurture the relationships with the beautiful people around me.


Be a whole person.

https://www.rupikaur.com/Alone. Be okay with being alone. Be whole in myself. Don’t allow anybody else to rule my happiness. My happiness belongs to me, and I choose when to share it. I feel this may spill into 2018. I feel this might be a long-term project.


And, that’s it. These are my goals.




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