Pizza: a poem.

The way people eat pizza, man.

You can see who they are.

Have you ever been to a pizza party?

And just stopped, and looked, once you notice it

You’re hooked.


That person that doesn’t eat their crusts.

You know that they’re not a Sagittarius

It’s hilarious.


That person who cuts everything into

Liiiiittle squares

They are someone who cares.


Perfect. So much


For their pizza.


That person who just picks it up

There is Mess


And the square cut pizza person is full of stress

just looking.


This is probably one of the only kind of silly poems I’ve ever written. I wrote it for writing group on the theme of microcosms, and all I could think about was pizza because pizza occupies my mind quite a lot. But, although it is kind of silly, I did write it to show how you can see people’s personalities, their habits; how you can really actually learn a lot about a person by watching how they eat pizza.



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