A 28 Day Cycle 

I wrote this as, I guess, a kind of experiment. As somebody who is often labelled as ‘sensitive’, with very clear mood swings and violent highs and lows within short spaces of time, I wanted to express these day-to-day changes through poetry. Each line is one day, even then not really encompassing the emotional changes that can happen within that short space of time itself. Anyway, enjoy A 28 Day Cycle.


Today I ate ten butterflies and they all had teeth,

And, I am soft light filtered through opalescent blinds.


Somebody’s taken a jackhammer to my chest.

Neatly folded suitcase clothes clash with overlapping appointments

and an angry ocean crashes within, land is gone, land is lost.


I am a tentative waterfall who really does know its way after all,

and the warmth of the rocks I flow over, it’s calling to me

Bhrahami invoked; vibrations spill from my mouth and my fingertips.

Mountain strong, legs of supporting stone,

and shoulders of elastic. They carry me forwards.


A heavy core centers me

in this day with no fog.


And I crave, crave, crave – I am ravenous I cannot stop

Cannot stop and it goes nowhere, and

weights hang from strings; eyelids drag to the floor

I am at one with the sofa.


I wonder why I should carry on.


When one day feels like twenty.


There is a surround sound of clamouring confusion and love,

I want to run I want to sleep

I don’t know, I want. I don’t. I just want something else.


Brimming, hot tea brings wholeness

Whilst dark demons begin sneaking into new pastures.

They fail – for now-, I fail, I fall.


If you were to see my aura, it would be pastel hues, thousands of rainbows

shaking familiarity and closeness threatens everything.


I get to the top of the wall, I can’t get down. I slip, I slip

and when I get up, I’m seeing double.

My lips, sewed.


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