Happy Mother’s Day

I woke up particularly vegan this morning, and this poem kind of just.. came out.


Happy Mother’s Day to those

who are exploited,

Because of our choices

To consume

What we don’t need.


Over and over.

It’s a fucking killing spree.


A movement that’s laughed at,

All while we like act that

Throats aren’t slit.

You are unfit

To call yourself an environmentalist,

When really, you’re fundamentalists

In this cult that calls murder



Happy Mother’s Day.

You know who I’m talking to, right?


Because if I hear one more person,

Not realise that her son

Is slaughtered

At 18 weeks

(Of his twenty-year life span)


I’ll lose it.


Happy Mother’s Day

To the mothers

who bring their babies into this world.


-They have a connection,

(Created from a manufactured erection)

And a ‘rape rack’

Their term, not mine)-


The mothers

Who scream and cry

And chase (if they can move),

As their babies are removed.


Because we think it’s normal.

Desperate to conform to

The status quo.


But, it is abnormal.

it’s fucking weird

To forcibly rape a living being.

Force her to be pregnant

For nine months


And then steal

the baby.

To slaughter him for veal,

And maybe

You didn’t know

That he’s kept in a crate

For weeks, just to wait

To die.


It’s so his flesh is tender.


And maybe

You didn’t know

That the baby girls

Are taken too,


They’ll be mothers, they’ll go through

The same hell.


We recycle their bodies, to sell.


And then, they’re useless.

So they’re murdered

At 4 years old.

Many without even feeling grass.



All for a glass

of milk.


Happy Mother’s Day.

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