What is more extreme?

A response to The Daily Mail’s reporting of a vegan sticker found in a Morrison’s ready meal by a customer who felt ’emotionally blackmailed’. 


I saw something on the news, today.

About a girl who was so offended

when she began to peel

the packaging off of her

beef bolognaise ready meal.


As she opened her dinner

she saw a sticker,

the sticker told her

an animal

had died.



She was so put off by this sticker

that she couldn’t even eat her dinner

And, of course, The Daily Mail stepped in.


So, apparently it is ‘aggressive’

To sticker.


But, c’mon.

What is actually more aggressive?

Putting a sticker on a ready meal package

Just telling you what it is


or, is it more aggressive

to hang someone upside down and skin them

-often whilst they still live-

tear their bodies apart and then bin them.

To slit a throat

and dip them into boiling vats?

Imagine if I did that to your fucking cat.


Is it more extreme to wear a vegan tee

or to gas a load of baby chicks

because they’re male and not needed in the egg industry.


What is more extreme

to eat tofu?

Or to literally chew

on the leg

of a baby lamb?


Me, and my aggressive septum piercing,

extreme almond milk,

and radical mascara

(that didn’t blind any Beagles?!)

gently, oh so carefully

ask you,

Leah Mallet, 18 year old beauty therapist from Leeds,

Why does a sticker

horrify you so much?


And actual slaughter

not bother you at all?


And I, oh so politely,

say to you, The Daily Mail,

Fuck off.








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