“I’m on your team”

For some reason,

-for many reasons-

I can’t believe that –

You won’t leave, that


will stick around.


I keep reminding myself

that you are the real deal, but


A version of me sits in my brain

swinging its legs

and whispering

its lips blistering

my fragile amygdala

-I googled that that’s the place your emotions get processed, or something-


And I know it makes no sense

To be so scared

all of the time.

But, when your relationship history

has not been one of simplicity

(that’s the nicest way I can put it)


You learn to expect that

that version of you

-the negative you

the bitchy “it’s never going to work” you

that you-,

what she says is probably true, but


When you told me

-wrapped up in our covers –

whilst evil me was raging,

kind of rampaging,

to make the real me feel small,


When you told me

“I’m on your team”

I believed that

You would not leave, and


I keep reminding myself

that you are the real deal, and



could stick around.











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