I think I’m in love with Europe

Soooo… we can just forget all about Brexit, right?

Hi everyone! Eeeeek! So my plan of just traveling around Europe, taking pictures, and just being totally solo COMPLETELY FAILED. In each and every place I’ve been I’ve met the most beautiful people; I’ve gone on adventures, I’ve stayed up late on mountain tops, I’ve spend long bus journeys singing Italian songs with bus drivers. I’ve been spreading the  vegan sticker love.

It’s been frickin’ sweet. I’ve been in three countries so far and I’ve only been gone… a week!? WHAT.

I’m gonna be throwing some more in-depth posts and reviews at you in the next few days/ weeks. But, for now, here’s a little round up of my trip. Please note: all plans have, so far, been made about one or two days before I do anything. It’s been hilarious and a bit stressful at times.

Barcelona: Reggae Fests & Coffee Shops

Touchdown last Saturday. I arrived at my Barcelona hostel at 8pm, ready for an early night. But no. No no no. The hotel served up a free (vegan!!!!!!) meal, I got chatting to some cute Americans and a lovely guy from worked at the hostel. The next thing I know we’ve been to one of Barcelona’s many coffee shops (like Amsterdam, but sneaky) and we’re on out way to a free reggae ‘festival’ up, up, and up.

We end up high, overlooking Barcelona’s twinkling lights, alongside the decidedly cool Barcelona local crowd at a low-key, outdoor reggae night.
We stumbled home in the early hours (Barcelona’s metro runs 24 hrs on Saturdays!), and the day after was a very necessary lay in, sleepy beach relaxation, and foooood. The next day was saying goodbye to my Barcelona gang and finding myself solo for the first time: free to wander Barcelona to enjoy the city and a wholly vegan (!!!) burger bar. (Didn’t do any blogging though… so sue me).

My last day in Barcelona was A. Ridiculous. Experience. I’d heard all about the beautiful Monserrat from my climbing buddies.

An hour train from Barcelona, it promised stunning views, hikes, and peace. I did not disappoint… HOWEVER, long story short – I ran up and down the mountain and probably almost died several times. More on that in another post.


Napoli: Birthday Beaches & Marinara Pizza

FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS: the hostel’s wifi was BROKEN. But, whatever. I was the singular lucky Brit with free roaming. I made the mistake of getting a 20 minute, 65 taxi from the airport (but I only paid 25 in the end holllaaaa – the perks of being sweet with the taxi driver and then being devastated when finding out the price!) before arriving at the cutest hostel and being greeted by ALL THE ANIMALS!

I then ended up spending the afternoon wandering around Pompeii…

and the evening watching a gorgeous sunset and hunting for food – eating my first ever real Italian pizza, traditional Marinara style!

Thursday was MY BIRTHDAAAAY.

That’s right, I’m TWENTY FRICKIN’ FIVE NOW. YEAH! And I had the best birthday I’ve had in so, so long. Beach and snacking in the day…

…and sunset rooftop drinking and smoking took up the evening.

Friday I was supposed to go up Mt Vesuvius and then to central Naples… this did not happen. The hangover was strong for a couple of us and another beach, chill day was vital. I spent the day with my Napoli Aussie family (cutest babes ever) and I am SO GLAD I haven’t been planning ahead.

Saturday, finally, the day to leave. I booked my bus to Bari, and my ferry to Dubrovnik, hiked up Mt Vesuvius…

…and almost missed my train, my bus, AND MY FERRY. (again, more on that later). In my panic of “I’M GONNA MISS THE FRICKIN’ FERRY” I met my current, awesome travel companion, Danbi, who also almost missed the ferry. I ended up getting a free cabin, as Danbi had booked a two bed and had the thing to herself (yay, sleep!). Ten hours of boat-y sleep later, we’re in Croatia.


Dubrovnik: Game of Thrones Excitement & Old Town Wandering

And now, I’m in Dubrovnik! (The hostel is awesome!) Despite arriving at 8am, Danbi and I have spent all day wandering around Old Town, hunting for the best photo spots and staring at cute sleeping animals. I found some bangin’ vegan food and we’re excited to do some glass kayaking and cable car adventures tomorrow ^.^

Anybody else traveling around Europe? Any advice? Any stories? I’d love to hear from you. I’m heading up North to Plitvicka in a couple of days and then possibly onto Slovenia and Hungary (told you, no plans!).

All of my love,

Rachel x




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