Ben Nevis & subsequent limping

I spent the next 4 days limping.

But I can’t tell you how good it feels to have reached the top. 



 I think I’m in love with Europe

Touchdown last Saturday. I arrived at my Barcelona hostel at 8pm, ready for an early night. But no. No no no. The hotel served up a free (vegan!!!!!!) meal, I got chatting to some cute Americans and a lovely guy from worked at the hostel. The next thing I know we’ve been to one of Barcelona’s many coffee shops (like Amsterdam, but sneaky) and we’re on out way to a free reggae ‘festival’ up, up, and up.

From Angry Bin Monkey to newborn puppies: animal encounters from around the world 

As it’s Thursday (throwback Thursday) I thought I’d show my traveling story through the pictures I’ve taken of animals.

As a vegan, I love all animals (except ants, I’m sorry. I am terrified of ants) and anywhere I’ve been I’ve always been drawn to taking gratuitous pictures of animals. It was super hard to choose, but I managed to whittle this list down to my favourites:

Fifth-wheeling all the way to Malaysia on a motorbike: a recipe for getting stranded, being lost, and, ice-skating?

“You’re going to Malaysia?” “Yes.” “On a motorbike?” “Yes.” “You’re driving all the way to Malaysia on a motorbike?” “Yes!” “On a motorbike?” “YES!” “Why?” “Uhhhh….” Unlike the last disastrously adventurous road-trip to Malaysia, there was zero visa drama, no swarms of bats, or police checkpoints. Instead, I experienced some extreme fifth-wheeling, with two slightly […]

Memory Monday: “What do you mean we forgot to go to Weta studios?!”

So, let’s bypass this writing absence brought on by heartbreak and an utter inability to function, and get straight back to some travel reminiscing: Wellington! Wellington! WETA STUDIOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, understand, that each seemingly unnecessary exclamation point, is, in actuality, an important representation of my excitement… ~ After a bus ride from Kaikoura to Nelson, and […]