11pm Summits

It ended up being so, so, magical as we finished the climb literally in the clouds. I ended up forgoing the rope for the last pitch as it was a scramble and we then decided that after topping out we just had to hike those extra five minutes to the summit stones.


 I think I’m in love with Europe

Touchdown last Saturday. I arrived at my Barcelona hostel at 8pm, ready for an early night. But no. No no no. The hotel served up a free (vegan!!!!!!) meal, I got chatting to some cute Americans and a lovely guy from worked at the hostel. The next thing I know we’ve been to one of Barcelona’s many coffee shops (like Amsterdam, but sneaky) and we’re on out way to a free reggae ‘festival’ up, up, and up.

From Angry Bin Monkey to newborn puppies: animal encounters from around the world 

As it’s Thursday (throwback Thursday) I thought I’d show my traveling story through the pictures I’ve taken of animals.

As a vegan, I love all animals (except ants, I’m sorry. I am terrified of ants) and anywhere I’ve been I’ve always been drawn to taking gratuitous pictures of animals. It was super hard to choose, but I managed to whittle this list down to my favourites:

Fifth-wheeling all the way to Malaysia on a motorbike: a recipe for getting stranded, being lost, and, ice-skating?

“You’re going to Malaysia?” “Yes.” “On a motorbike?” “Yes.” “You’re driving all the way to Malaysia on a motorbike?” “Yes!” “On a motorbike?” “YES!” “Why?” “Uhhhh….” Unlike the last disastrously adventurous road-trip to Malaysia, there was zero visa drama, no swarms of bats, or police checkpoints. Instead, I experienced some extreme fifth-wheeling, with two slightly […]