“What if…”

Thank you to all of the inspiring people who shouted their hearts out, as we marched through the city centre streets of Leeds, soaking wet and full of passion.

What if:

armed with whips and boots,

we went on a hunt;

took some slightly different routes.


I know a place called number 10

Full of liars, toffs and businessmen.



Let’s just

let the hounds loose

’round Westminster’s corridors

So they can feel the horror, sure

they’d change their minds quick,

Once they realised how sick

It truly is.

What if:

We chased them.

Until they had blisters,

Spoke in whispers

about who is next.


What if:

We say no to Hashtag Death Tax

No to the environmental impacts

of this Tory, gory, laborious



No to donning a red coat

and the way they gloat



For fun.


No to Shale

and privatized rail,

to starving infants

and tax breaks, for the 1%.


What if:

We vote for others,

For once take into account another’s

troubles struggles

Instead of being in our bubbles

Of “what will benefit me?”


What if, we say:

No to Fox Hunting

No to death.

No to running animals to their last breaths

No to killing with impunity,

And, instead, Yes

To this



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