Falling in love with life again

I know

I am hurtling through the universe,

At a million miles an hour.

Well, actually.

30 kilometers every second.

(I googled it).


And I’m not in control.

I know that, but

I feel okay, okay on this roller coaster

with its faulty harness

and its loosening screws

The dark clouds overhead are threatening to

electrify the metal track

and throw us into a darkness.


But, I think I can keep up with its

twists and stomach



In fact, I begin to

enjoy it.


My hand brushes a blossom tree

as we pass

at 30km a second and

Pastel blue skies race by, above.

I look to the sides, ahead, behind

Everybody I love,

-strangers I will love-

They are screaming

and laughing

and struggling

alongside me.


The jelly in my legs turns to strength.

A faulty harness is


When you have strong legs to ground you.

And the only falling I am doing


a gentle falling, into myself. And,

it’s like

-sinking,- slowly,

into a soft mattress

surrounded by warm, freshly cleaned sheets

It envelopes me.



envelope me.



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