I think I’m in love with Europe

Touchdown last Saturday. I arrived at my Barcelona hostel at 8pm, ready for an early night. But no. No no no. The hotel served up a free (vegan!!!!!!) meal, I got chatting to some cute Americans and a lovely guy from worked at the hostel. The next thing I know we’ve been to one of Barcelona’s many coffee shops (like Amsterdam, but sneaky) and we’re on out way to a free reggae ‘festival’ up, up, and up.

I’m a Green voting Labour, but that doesn’t mean you should too.

We’ve been lead into a political world that’s on its way to becoming a two-party system; we feel obligated to vote for one party because they provide the strongest opposition to the terrifying second party. Rather than a more sensible proportionate representation system, UK voters are instead thrown into an all or nothing situation and are faced with this unnecessary voting pressure.

So, whilst I believe that having a decent Green presence in Parliament would only be a good thing, the risk is that they would just be a smatter, drowned out by a Conservative majority. And that is just too great a risk.

The problem with treating change as a transient life ‘phase’

At this moment in time, my possessions are scattered, in storage, in bags, different postcodes. I’m feeling that wave of weirdness that accompanies unemployment, and I’m gearing up to start again, again. I have caught myself in continually expressing the same sentiment over and over again, –“wow I’m going through a really big change right […]